Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a far!

It has been a very eventful weekend so far and it is only Sunday morning!
Yesterday we went fishing at two different spots, did I catch anything? No!!!! Thats ok it was the first sunny day we have had here in FOREVER so it was nice just to get outside. Besides with all the rain we have gotten everything was flooded so I kept getting hung up and having to cut my line. Hopefully we get out again before we go to the beach this month.

We finally were able to plant all the flowers my neighbor gave me weeks ago AND mow the lawn. I ended up with 6 pots of flowers and a lawn I want to roll around in. I think today would be a good day to get a lawn chair out and nap in the sun (maybe it would cure my slight hangover).

We went to the Rock for Peace at Home event and had a GREAT time! I was skeptical b/c it wasn't our usual crowd at first, but they ended up showing up. Nothing is more fun then sitting around drinking with the punk rock kids! I was supposed to sell my jewelry there but that is a whole other story in itself! Anyway the girl who organized the even ended up buying the necklace off my neck! HA! Maybe I should have brought my stuff!

So speaking of my jewelry I have been SOOOOO lazy lately and have not made anything! I have so much work to do it is not even funny. I have a show on June 12th and my stores are all having a 20% off sale until June 11th in honor of my 30th birthday on June 11th! So everyone go check it out and tell your friends!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Was this really a yard sale?

So I went to a VERY interesting yard sale over the weekend. Friday a co-worker of mine was emailed info on a huge yard sale. One of things that they were selling were 30-35 boxes of beads and so of course she told me. She went to the yard sale Friday and put some on hold or me to pick up Saturday (this yard sale was all week).

Saturday comes around and my husband agrees to come with me. I am SO glad he did. It was raining (like it has been doing just about everyday lately) so the yard sale was moved inside. Seemed unusually quiet at the house for a yard sale on Saturday.

I go to the door and knock. This totally stoned looking guy answers and I tell him I am there to pick up some beads, he knows who I am and lets us in. The house is a DISASTER! Pictures have stains on the and are hung crooked on the wall, a cat is sitting on a table (the same cat that apparently uses the whole house as a litter box according to the guy),there is junk everywhere but I figure they had to move the yard sale to the indoors so whatever. Then this totally strung out woman comes out of the back. She literally looked like a crack head.

I ask her about the beads and she pulls out the box and sets it on the table, I look at then and they are pretty good. I was told $10 for the box, which was a little much for a yard sale but I did really like some and had never seen them before. She says $20. I am ready to leave and she changes her mind. She then pulls out five more boxes and says I can look through those too. At his point my husband is praying I just hurry up and leave, but I just HAVE to look at the beads, and I am glad I did she really did have some beautiful stones.

So as I rummage through I ask how much for three of the boxes. She says If I want to switch out some of the beads in the one she put aside for me that's OK but she needs to keep some. What?! IS this a yard sale or what? Don't offer if you don't plan on selling. She then says I can pick what I want, so I tell her I really want all of what is in each of the boxes she still has 2 left. She says "well I and just letting people pick what they want and leave the rest". Ok she is either really stupid or on drugs I figure at this point. So I ask for a bigger box and offer her $20. She agrees and doesn't even pay attention at this point to what I am choosing (she originally told me that cost would depend on what stones/beads I wanted). I pack it full and then she goes into the kitchen (which I bet 100 roach colonies live in, it was so gross, food on the floor, trash laying everywhere, etc.) and brings out a box of findings and pendants. I choose a pendant as she goes rummaging for more stuff. You would think she would have had all the stuff together. I decide I have had enough and I need to jet. She asks if I need anything else she has a gift card and can go get it for me. I decline saying I can get it myself. She then asks if I can leave my number in case she finds anything else. Hell no I am not leaving my number with some crazy crackhead!

So as we are leaving we notice one thing, the door has been pryed open and the lock is completely messed up. We then wonder, was the even their house? Then I wonder why she was so insistent on $20. If it wasn't $20 she was gong to nit pick but once i said $20 she didn't care what I took. Drugs perhaps? I know I am being judgmental and speculating but this was no normal yard sale.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Why is it that I can never find the right color of bead? I am looking for a particular shade of gold but cant seem to find it ANYWHERE! I am hoping that tomorrow (since I have the day off) I will be able to run to a few places and find it.

Why does my computer have to be retarded. I need to get more pieces up on etsy but of course our computers have been acting screwy and so I can not resize my pictures.

I just hope tomorrow will work a little better, the DMV will go fast and I get LOTS of work done. I need to go run up to see a few friends but the more I think about it the more I realize I have to do at home. Why is there never enough time?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Come check out my stuff!

Here are links to my etsy store and my website.

Hoping to have a few more items for sale on etsy this week even though I do have some of the items left from my website as well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Its off to the races

So here I go with yet another blog. I have a lot to say about all my jewelry adventures but no one to tell except for my wonderfully supportive husband.

So getting down to business I started making jewelry this year in January after receiving some supplies from my mother in law. it was Christmas times and I needed ideas fast for family members. Well we went to Michael's I saw the bead isle(s) and I said "I want this for Christmas" and proceeded to basically pick out everything.

Long story short Christmas came, i got a few pendants, beads and tools and I was off. I made one necklace and realized that I need to do this for everyone! So five months later I have my own small jewelry business which actually started in Feb. but i am now starting to really push it. I have a website ( , an etsy store and 3 shows coming up! I have had one show that went terrible but I learned a lot from that show and my next one is May 30th in Uptown Charlotte!

I hope to get what I need done by then, hopefully 30-40 sets! I never know what is the right amount to have at these things! Wish me luck!