Monday, July 19, 2010

Here we go again....

Well it has been quite some time that I have blogged. Mostly because when I did blog I could get on blogspot at work, now I can but we have to use what is known of as “quota time” basically I get 60 min a day to look at almost anything I want to, Facebook, etsy, shopping, blogging etc…lame.

Maybe I should continue to blog but just on work then cut and paste later. Then again Ms. ADD here will prob get bored with that and stop again! Haha.

So what have I been up to lately….a lot!

I have been taking a ton of pictures, making more jewelry and selling more places! Yeah! Go me!

Tomorrow I start on a new adventure…ZUMBA! I have heard great things about it and really need to get my fat ass back in shape. It sounds pretty fun so I figure I will give it a shot. I am prepared to be totally sore. I just hope I do not hate it. I used to belong to the gym and it wasn’t bad when I had time to go but now I am a lot busier and I don’t WANT to take the time to go. I do not like TV and I could read but the gym stinks. Literally. I am bored there too. My hubby doesn’t hate it but I do. So wish me luck in Zumba class and pray I like it.

Current Reads: Well I am listening to The Historian. I could never get into it when I tried to read it but I am listening to it on my commute and LOVE IT! Just went to library today and got a biography on Vincent Price. Looking forward to that read.

Currents Sounds: My husband snoring every night. Haha! No really I love the new Eclipse CD.

Current Shows: Anything MST3K. Can’t wait til Sept. 9th when Vampire Diaries comes back!

Ok til next time I decide to write!

Happy reading bloggies!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here I am

Another day..another blog

Ok I know I haven’t been blogging in awhile but I have good reason. Usually I blog at work, well my work does this thing where we have 60 minutes of quota time a day. I have to use them in ten minute spans so if I use it then get interrupted those 10 min get flushed down the toilet. That is just the beginning of my distaste for my job. Yeah I should be thankful I have a job and I am but that does not mean I am happy with my job. Working in the field I do you come across a lot of people who you do not feel sorry for. Then you start not caring at all. This is the point I am at today.

I need to do more with my life. Yeah, yeah I know I am whining but seriously. Maybe if I blog about it I will actually do it. Good motivation, we will see if it works. So what do I want to be when I grow up…an artist. I love to paint, take pictures and make jewelry. Oh I wish I could make a living doing these things. I have been dabbling in photography now for a few months and must say I really am having a blast. Take a look at my pictures on Flickr (ambersaccents). I have been slacking on the jewelry not because I don’t like it but because I do not have time. Story of my life…wake up drive 45 min to 8-5 drive home 45 min. Come home make dinner, shower and spend time with hubby. By the end of that I am so flippin tired I don’t want to do anything, then I cant sleep b/c I wasn’t physically active again, then repeat the next day. Weekends are the only time I get to do what I want, usually, but as I am sure with all of you my plans are constantly changing and I am trying to recover and rest from the week before. By Sunday I am freaking about where my weekend went. I shouldn’t complain, but I need to vent. Society has so many pressures on us now that we are forced to live this face paced lifestyle all of the time. I want to slow down and enjoy life. Right now I can’t enjoy myself because I am so worried about what I have to do next. It does not help that I just can’t stop finding crafty things to do.

Ok I will stop my bitching now.