Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a far!

It has been a very eventful weekend so far and it is only Sunday morning!
Yesterday we went fishing at two different spots, did I catch anything? No!!!! Thats ok it was the first sunny day we have had here in FOREVER so it was nice just to get outside. Besides with all the rain we have gotten everything was flooded so I kept getting hung up and having to cut my line. Hopefully we get out again before we go to the beach this month.

We finally were able to plant all the flowers my neighbor gave me weeks ago AND mow the lawn. I ended up with 6 pots of flowers and a lawn I want to roll around in. I think today would be a good day to get a lawn chair out and nap in the sun (maybe it would cure my slight hangover).

We went to the Rock for Peace at Home event and had a GREAT time! I was skeptical b/c it wasn't our usual crowd at first, but they ended up showing up. Nothing is more fun then sitting around drinking with the punk rock kids! I was supposed to sell my jewelry there but that is a whole other story in itself! Anyway the girl who organized the even ended up buying the necklace off my neck! HA! Maybe I should have brought my stuff!

So speaking of my jewelry I have been SOOOOO lazy lately and have not made anything! I have so much work to do it is not even funny. I have a show on June 12th and my stores are all having a 20% off sale until June 11th in honor of my 30th birthday on June 11th! So everyone go check it out and tell your friends!!!

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