Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beach mode

So I must apologize for not posting, I have been in super lazy mode now that the countdown for our beach trip in on!

Before we go though we have a few events coming up as well as a few that have passed.

First is this Thursday (June 11th). Yours truly will be 30!!!! I do not feel 30, nor do I feel I look 30. I am thinking the 30's will be good for me, but hate that I will be seen as more of an adult!
For my birthday my wonderful husband got me a dremel so I can start experimenting with stones and shells for my jewelry. I did get one hole drilled in a huge shell, that was fun. Since we are going tot he beach I am sure I will bring back 100,000 shells (as usual) to mess with. He is excited his wife likes power tools! He also got tickets to see No Doubt this past weekend. I will tell you what, that was the best concert I have EVER been too. Worth every penny he spent. Now I wish they were coming back through so I could go again.

This coming Friday I also have my second show. I am going to be a vendor at the Market on Main event in Gastonia. I am pretty excited this is the first show since my disastrous one in Cabarrus County months ago. I am bringing around 30 pieces and figure that will be enough, if not I have another event on July 12th at the same place so I will be more prepared on what to do for that one.

After that is a week on the beach. Nothing sounds better than that right now!

In older news that I am horrible at keeping up with right now, I was picked to win the "Lovely Blog" award. I really appreciate it and glad someone likes my blog. I am to pass it on but have not had a lot of time to pick other blogs, but I will get there I promise!


  1. Happy Birthday-
    I just stopped by to let you know that I chose your blog for a lovely blog award.Come and read about it on my blog if you'd like.

  2. Welcome to the best years of your life - the 30's!
    I am on my last year (39) in this wonderful stage of life but looking forward to my 40's. I can only hope it will be as wonderful as my last 10 years!