Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bye Bye Beach

So I am home and boy do I miss the beach. It has taken me days to adjust back to real life, even though I am still not adjusted fully.

Exciting events of the trip....

Saw Dolphins, watched a guy catch a 4 foot long shovel nose shark, Cow nose rays in droves, caught something that took my fishing line way out to sea and then when it let go my hooks were bent! Ryan caught something big as well but the line broken, had a wonderful two year wedding anniversary, saw family from Illinois, found a sweet saloon on the waterway that I will go back to year after year, and saw loads of ghost crabs which my dog loved chasing.

The day before the beach trip I sold my jewelry at the Market on Main event in Gastonia. I did not sell much and other than being so hot I thought I was going to pass out I did enjoy it. My next event was scheduled for July 10th but I just found out yesterday I will be selling at the Exchange on Main event now too which is this Friday. I will not be able to get off work in tine so my mother in law and my husband have to set my booth up. Oh lord I hope they do a good job!

In other fun news I have been upgraded from guest book attendant to bridesmaid for my friend Stephani's wedding in July! I am very excited and honored she would ask me! I get to see her tonight and get my dress!!!

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