Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spiders give me the creepy creepertons!

Ok so this week one night at dinner I am eating and my husband gets up from the table. I ask what is wrong he says "nothing", I'm thinking oh god there is huge spider on the door by the table, or a bee or some other bug that I do not like. Then I feel something on my arm and look down, the spider is on ME. I looks huge and black (bigger than a silver dollar). I freeze and feel like I am gonna be sick! Ryan gets the little guy and takes him outside. Thank god, my first question "was it a black widow" he said no it was fuzzy and had white spots! Apparently it was very small too but it looked huge to me! We did have a dead black widow in our house years ago so now I need to make sure every spider is not one. Anyway since then everyday I feel like I have a spider crawling on me. Gross!!!

In other news I had a jewelry show last Friday and decided that despite my back issues I would change pants in the car after work. Big mistake!! I royally messed it up and felt like I would not be able to get out of my car. So it took 45 min to get from work to the show (where my husband and mother-in-law were setting up my booth) and the whole time I am thinking "I am going to have to live in my car for the next 24 hours. I couldn't even bend forward more than an inch. Well it was much easier to get out of my car than I thought but I was miserable all night. To top it sales! This concert event series in Downtown Gastonia does not do well for any of the vendors. Hopefully next one I will get a sale so I can offset the cost I paid to be a part of it!
Saturday my mom and I went to the Down the Street Bead Show at the merchandise mart in Charlotte. So this was my first bead show I have been to and their were 20 vendors. Holy overwhelming!!!! I decided after my initial walk through to buy from 4 vendors. After I started shopping I could have stayed there all day!!! I had such a great time and got some amazing beads! My mom also bought some stuff so I can make her a few necklaces! I will have to attach one of the pictures of an amazing pendant I bought.

Sunday I spent the whole day listing and crafting. I was more productive Sunday than I have been in 2 months!!!

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  1. lol Then you would HATE my guy's tarantulas ;)

  2. I agree spiders are creepy. Nice necklace.

  3. Don't you just love the bead shows! So much fun...and yes, I could certainly spend all day shopping too!

    Hope your back is feeling better!!

  4. Tag you're it! I tagged you on my blog! :)