Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Serial Killer In My Backyard

OK, not really but close enough. For those of you who have not been following the story of the serial killer (or my definition until more details emerge-spree killer) in Gaffney, South Carolina he was killed yesterday. So thank god the guy is gone, but scary where he got killed. He left South Carolina and ended up in North Carolina and was shot by a police officer (after he shot a cop) 5.34 miles FROM MY HOUSE!!!! Who knows maybe we drove past him or saw him in Wally World! For more info http://www.news14.com/content/top_stories/611614/questions-swirl-as-police-say-serial-killer-slain-in-n-c--town/Default.aspx

In happier news I have been tagged in a few blogs so one of these days I will tag many of you in mine, let me know if you want to be tagged.

Also one of the tags was for me to reveal 10 facts about myself so here I go.

1. I love thunderstorms. I chase them and got engaged on the day a funnel cloud passed just north of our house ( I have pictures of it!)

2. I love art. Painting and anything else with my hands (hence jewelry making). Funny fact...in second grade we had our first real art class (not just art project time but an art teacher came in) and were told to paint anything we wants. I painted a tornado and I still have it!

3. I have a dog named Jack. He is a rat terrier and my baby!

4. I got married on the beach in 2007, it was the best day of my life.

5. It took me 10 years, 5 colleges, 3 states and two husbands to graduate from school!

6. At one time I was convinced I was going to be a profiler for the FBI. (still kinda want to be one).

7. I love to eat peanut butter mixed with mashed potatoes. It is WONDERFUL!

8. I do not like the cold, but I love snow!

9. I try to be as earth friendly as I can. I even just bought a bike so I can ride to the farmers market instead of drive!

10. I LOVE the Nebraska Cornhuskers! GO BIG RED!!!!!

OK now that is done.

Well this weekend is my last Gastonia event (for now). I haven't done very good at these so I am thinking of lowering my prices. I just can not figure out if I really should or not.

OK all for now. Happy reading!!! Don't forget to check out www.ambersaccents.com! It is getting ready to get a facelift, or body lift really.

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  1. yikes! glad they got the killer, so scary! i bet everyone is breathing a huge sigh of relief!