Monday, September 14, 2009

If i could put time in a bottle...

..I would take some now! Holy cow have I been busy.

Weddings, funerals, shows, floors, you name it we've done it!

So I have been slack, but from the list I hope you all understand why. On top of that my work has blocked most of the internet so I never can get on here to blog, post on esty, twitter, ANYTHING! I finally went out and got a netbook to take around the corner to Starbucks on my break. Nice getaway but it is not my dear gaspump coffee in Gastonia. Sorry Ella I swear I am not betraying you!

So last weekend we FINALLY re-did our floor in the living room and the hallway. Nice laminate from IKEA! I love my new floors but the dog can't run like he used to.

In jewelry news...I have been selling my items at The Bottle Shop in downtown Gastonia during their wine tastings. This works out well for me since I love wine! It has been going fairly well. Unfortunately I took checks for the first one, and my biggest sale...well..the check bounced. Guess I need to quit taking checks unless I know the people personally. My bad. Right now I am trying to brainstorm other ways to sell my jewelry other than online. Any ideas? I have some in the coffee shop (thanks Ella) and needs to look at a few more stores. I usually am much better at marketing but lately I have been way too busy to do anything. I am behind on making jewelry and taking pictures!

In other news...I am so excited for Halloween! If any of you are from the Carolina's I am sure you are very aware of Scarowinds. The Halloween season can not come fast enough. Witches, goblins, bats, cats, pumpkins, is never better. Think I am going to FINALLY be Lily Munster this year!

Ok Gotta get back to least the day is almost over.

Check out I have a Halloween necklace and pair of earrings up as well as I did some price drops.

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